[Whitepaper] The definitive marketer’s guide to Google’s Ads Data Hub

Home Blends & Trends 27 November 2020

As a data company, we have been experimenting with a lot of adtech and martech solutions over the last 10 years. Our experience shows that to be relevant and gain adoption, marketing technologies have to be really good at solving one or two business critical issues. 

We believe data clean rooms are here to stay, because they help understand how consumers interact with a brand within specific walled gardens, incorporate privacy by design, are first-party data driven, and built on a future-proof Cloud architecture. 

We have thus gathered what we know about data clean rooms and Google’s Ads Data Hub in this guide, to help you get started.

A data clean room is a privacy-safe, closed environment, where marketers can access impression-level data from a walled garden and match it with their own first-party data for campaign measurement and audience activation purposes.

As data clean rooms require new technical skills and are not built for one specific use-case, this guide’s objective is to help marketers understand what data clean rooms can do, define where to get started and how to run a successful project with the first of them, Google’s Ads Data Hub.

Click here to download our Definitive Marketers Guide to Google’s Ads Data Hub: https://get.fifty-five.com/google-adh-guide/

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