[Whitepaper] Our guide on Facebook’s resilient signals

Home Blends & Trends 11 August 2021

Just like many other solutions, Facebook’s ads performance measurement methods have relied mainly on first and third party cookies over the years.

However, cookie collection is facing growing limitations from regulators, tech players, and users themselves. This has made it mandatory to redefine online performance measurement while answering users expectations for more privacy. This is why Facebook and fifty-five have worked together to make the most of data sources and measurement methodologies to pilot campaigns while relying on Facebook’s solutions, as well as securing data collection in a privacy safe way.

Resilient signals are signals that won’t be affected by any technical modification appended by any player such as  ITP or  tracking regulations. Resilient signals can provide data about your customers’ interactions with your sites, products, and services.

Depending on each marketer’s context, Facebook offers several resilient signals options, leveraging new tracking methods and its unique people graph.
This whitepaper’s objective is to guide you through the steps you should take to master Facebook resilient signals and find the ones adapted to your needs.

  • Understand the impacts of measurement “gaps” for your digital marketing strategy
  • How to leverage Facebook resilient signals to overcome now measurement limitations while respecting users consent
  • Which signal is made for you and where to start
  • Case studies of companies that have generated value with resilient signals

Click here to download our free whitepaper: https://resources.fifty-five.com/e-book-leveraging-resilient-signals 

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