The top 5 marketing podcasts you should listen to in 2021

Home Blends & Trends 29 January 2021

Whether it is for information, culture, or entertainment… Podcasts have become a go-to media. Here is fifty-five’s selection of podcasts for marketing, adtech and digital professionals, including podcasts from influential media outlets; interviews of companies paving the way in their respective fields; intimate discussions with leaders about their success stories; tools tested and approved by marketers… and more!

AdExchanger, 3 complementary podcasts to better understand adtech

Being a well-respected adtech industry media, AdExchanger developed 3 podcasts to inspire and inform: AdExchanger Talks Podcast, with thoughtful interviews of key figures in advertising and insights from data-driven digital advertising and marketing trailblazers; AdExchanger The Big Story, which features roundtable discussions on the week’s top news stories; and AdExchanger Industry Preview, a collection of interviews with key marketing and tech leaders.

Find all 3 podcasts on AdExchanger website.

Another Podcast, constructive conversations in a friendly environment

Another Podcast is quite different from other tech podcasts out there. In this show, two friends and colleagues, Benedict Evans, analyst, investor and major tech influencer, and Toni Cowan-Brown, known for her work at the intersection of tech and politics, share their honest, unfiltered discussions about the latest tech innovations and their impact on the world. Their different professional experiences creates a rich conversation where their points of view sometimes diverge, and sometimes converge. 

Listen on Spotify.

The Digiday Podcast, the podcast of the leading martech media

Digiday, the popular online magazine puts out a podcast combining interviews with experts from around the world, and the latest news, tools, strategies and techniques in digital marketing. This podcast is a great way to help you review and improve your digital performance. 

Listen on Digiday.

Growth Marketing Toolbox, to enrich your marketing arsenal

This weekly podcast by Nicholas Scalice explores the best tools and technologies in growth marketing. You’ll hear candid conversations with the people who create, market and use these tools like Justin Christianson, bestselling author and conversion specialist, Erin Corn, founder of a digital marketing agency and Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon alum. The podcast focuses on concrete ideas and unveils plenty of new tools to store in your marketing toolbox.

Listen on Growth Marketing Toolbox.

StreetFight – Heard on the Streets, meet influential people from the media and tech industries

The StreetFight – Heard on the Streets showcases the people and stories behind leading companies in the media, tech and advertising industries. Where do they come from? What drives them? And what business and life lessons can we learn from them? Discover more with this bi-weekly series!

Listen on StreetFight Magazine.

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