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Phygital is a portmanteau combining “physical” and “digital”, and designates ways to digitalise sales points to improve the customer experience or create new services. In-store tablets, touchscreen kiosks, beacons, robots, virtual reality headsets, and click-and-collect services are all examples of retail phygitalisation.

O2O (Online to Offline)

Online to offline, or O2O, is when a purchase path begins online and ends in an offline purchase. Click-and-collect (picking up online purchases in-store instead of having them delivered to home) is an example of an O2O service.

ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline)

Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) refers to a type of cross-channel behaviour whereby a user searches for relevant product or service information online before completing the purchase through an offline channel (e.g. call centres, agencies, stores, car dealerships...).