Monthly brandtech blend – October 2019

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Every month, the fifty-five team features a selection of worth reading news and trends for you. So what’s been going on in the brandtech ecosystem recently?
The launch of Facebook’s “Supreme Court”, the key trends at Dmexco, Salesforce’s vertical-focused Clouds and the ICO’s offensive strategy… Discover our October selection!

Facebook’s “Supreme Court” launch: more powerful than its CEO

Facebook’s content oversight board is finally here, one year after being first announced. The concept? A “Supreme Court” of 11 to 40 members will review content takedowns and monitor the platform’s policy decisions. However, the most important thing about this Supreme Court is that it will be able to override decisions made by Mark Zuckerberg himself, (and virtually anyone else working at Facebook) if there is a disagreement. Shortly after announcing its upcoming launch of a native “news tab”, the pioneering social network is clearly in the midst of a pursuit of privacy to regain user trust after months of scandals. 

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DMEXCO 2019: life after third-party cookies

This year’s edition of annual adtech conference DMEXCO was all about finding ways to thrive in an adtech ecosystem without third-party cookies. The challenge is to maintain effective ad targeting and measurement for publishers, marketers, ad tech vendors and agencies in this evolving landscape. Indeed, major internet browsers have tightened the screw on third-party cookies this year, especially Safari with its constant ITP updates, and Google Chrome with its privacy tools update. Will the adtech world find a way to cope with its privacy issues

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Google’s full roll-out of first-price auctions: here’s what you need to know

For publishers and buyers alike, the full roll-out of first-price auctions raises some unanswered questions. After being last joining the movement, Google has finally finished testing and is fully prepared to take the plunge. The full suite includes standardized bidding strategies and more visibility for publishers… but also less room for extensive pricing strategies for some. Already, everyone seems to have an opinion, although the shared goal is to improve transparency across the programmatic ecosystem. Here is all the information you need on the topic.

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Salesforce focuses on building industry-specialized clouds

The CRM giant is willing to take advantage of the shift of major industries towards cloud-based solutions — look no further than its recently-announced launch of two business units dedicated to manufacturing and consumer goods. These two new products are the latest additions to the company’s list of already existing  vertical-based solutions, including media, public sector, and retail. The launch of Consumer Goods Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud will prove to be challenging – as the area is already very competitive – but remains a huge opportunity – as they are considerable markets where CRM and digital innovation solutions have been lacking – until now! 

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UK regulator ICO takes action in the adtech ecosystem

The ICO – the UK’s watchdog for data protection – had been playing good cop so far, but seems determined to make the adtech industry GDPR-compliant, even if the move causes casualties within the ecosystem. Indeed, ICO’s executives have been more and more vocal lately to express their concerns, especially regarding the RTB industry – the largest breach so far. As a matter of fact, Marriott and British Airways were recently condemned by the ICO to pay record breaking fines for major data breaches. So who will be next in the ICO’s crosshairs? Stay tuned.

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