[Infographic] Amazon calls into question the online advertising ecosystem

Media Consulting 3 January 2019

With the revamping of its advertising offer, now called Amazon Advertising, Amazon is moving fast within the adtech ecosystem, especially in the US. Currently third in the race, the e-commerce giant is now competing with the two dominant leaders of the market, Google and Facebook.

According to eMarketer, American advertisers alone spent a total of $4.61 Bn on Amazon Advertising in 2018, accounting for a 144.5% year-over-year increase. A success that is not about to stop: half of the US marketers  in 2018 claimed that they would spend more on Amazon over the next year, and that the platform would have a more prominent place in their media plans (Source: RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age, March 2018).

Yet, with a humble 4.6% market share,  it is likely that Amazon won’t overcome Google and Facebook in the short term… Best bid wins!


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