Foursquare releases its Analytics Platform for retailers in the US

Customer Experience 28 March 2017

Foursquare has officially released its Analytics platform for the US, which brings offline foot traffic data to brands, based on the huge opt-in panel from their app.

Brands can typically tie offline sales to ad exposures if they tag their digital campaigns with Foursquare pixels, but they also can analyse who their offline customers are, based on footfall data (what stores do they usually visit…).

The solution is of course best suited for retailers with franchises or owned & operated stores (e.g. McDonald’s, Tiffany’s…), while it does not help for wholesale-dependent brands (for instance, it would not make sense for brands like Calvin Klein or PepsiCo to analyse footfall at Macy’s or Kroger level).

The main difference with Facebook Atlas is that with Foursquare Location Intelligence, you do not need to leverage CRM data, which is a plus (even brands with low level of PII-enabled sales can use it) but also has a drawback (you measure store visits, not sales, and you cannot break them down by CRM segment).

Source: Techcrunch
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