Data marketing: 10 articles to start 2019 on the right foot

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New roles for the CMOs, Facebook scandales, the GDPR’s implementation, Amazon Advertising’s renewal and transparency stakes in digital advertising… These are the hot topics that disrupted the data marketing ecosystem last year. Discover our selection of articles to (re)read to start 2019 on the right foot!

1. Who’s the CMO? — Key element right between technical and HR teams, versalite in its understanding of both data & customer relationship, fifty-five’s President explains the CMO ’s role nowadays.

CMOs: the new gatekeepers for companies going digital, by Mats Carduner via mind on the 19/04/18


2. Let’s take stock of GDPR — After a few months, what can we say about this European regulation? A positive statement so far…But we can do better!

#GDPR: 6-month on, by Guillaume Coulomb via the tea house on the 20/11/2018


3. GDPR setbacks — Is GDPR really that good for the Adtech ecosystem?  According to Hugo Loriot, the new European regulation should lead to a natural reinforcement of the walled gardens, such as Google or Facebook.

Walled gardens: GDPR will build even higher fences, by Hugo Loriot via Viuz on the 18/05/18


4. Facebook’s terrible year — 2018 is (and will remain?) one of the most terrible year for the social network. Will Mark Zuckerberg succeed and overcome the mediatic storm? Only time will tell!

What history could tell Mark Zuckerberg by Natasha Lomas via TechCrunch on the 25/11/2018


5. Amazon, the new advertising king — Unlike Facebook, 2018 has been a great year for Amazon, third on the advertising podium revenues, behind Google and Facebook. Best bid wins!

‘It will be Google, Facebook and Amazon’: The year in Amazon advertising par Hilary Milnes via Digiday le 24/12/18


6. Welcome GMP!  — 2018 seems to be the beginning of a new era, saying goodbye to DoubleClick and other acronyms cherished by data professionals. Google makes its suite even more simple with Google Marketing Platform, and it’s for the best!

End of an era: Google is ditching the DoubleClick name by Kerry Flynn via Digiday on the 27/06/2018


7. The Middle Kingdom awakens — Ignored for a long time, Chinese web giants such as Baidu, Alibaba et Tencent are under the spotlight. Will they become 2019’s rising stars?

Is Chinese tech ready to take over the world? by Cédric Delzenne via l’ADN on the 17/09/18


8. Transparency and Programmatic— The advertising ecosystem requires more transparency,  and even more within programmatic. IAB’s new measure, Authorized Digital Seller, seems to be a good solution to fight against Ad fraud.

Ads.txt: a first step towards transparency in the programmatic world by Morgan Morty via the tea house on the 15/11/18


9. The alliance game is not over yet — If media publishers were already joining forces in 2017 against the Google-Facebook empire in the advertising market (in France, but also in the UK), new alliances are still emerging. Who will take the throne?

French broadcasters team up to reduce fraud across VOD inventory published on December the 20th, 2018 via Digiday, by Lucinda Southern


10. Second-party data under the spotlight — With GDPR’s arrival, 2018 put second-party data under the spotlight, next to the Almighty first-party data. Will 2019 be the year of third-party data great return, or decline?

“GDPR is leading to more second-party data deals” by Jessica Davies via Digiday on the 08/10/2018

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