10 Data Marketing articles to read over summer break

Home Blends & Trends 10 August 2018

Ahh summer break… Are you soaking in the sun at the beach, toes stretched out in the sand? Good! Get ready for the back-to-school season by checking out 55’s selection of articles to (re)read!

1. CMOs: the new gatekeepers for companies going digital

Written by Mats Carduner via the tea house, published on 04/04/2018


2. How data competence is the heart of performance marketing

Written by Richard  Wheaton via PerformanceIN, published on 23/07/2018


3. How publishers can compete with the Facebook-Google duopoly

Written by Ryan Kelly via Adweek, published on 21/06/2018


4. Are voice assistants just fad gadgets, or the future of user experience?

Written by François Khoury via the tea house, published on 22/05/2018


5. We’re keeping track of all of Facebook’s scandals so you don’t dave to

Written by Aric Jenkins via Marketing Interactive, published on 06/04/2018


6. GDPR and ePrivacy: spot the difference

Written by Guillaume Coulomb via the tea house, published on 02/05/2018


7. Google rebrands its ad lineup, with AdWords becoming Google Ads

Written by Anthony Ha via Techcrunch, published on 27/08/2018


8. Amazon to merge its ad businesses into one platform

Written by Seb Joseph via Digiday, published on 06/08/2018


9How airlines can leverage in-flight audiences with big data and personalisation

Written by Ben Griffin via The Drum, published on 21/05/2018


10. Walled gardens: GDPR will build even higher fences

Written by Hugo Loriot via Viuz, published on 18/05/2018

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