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10 Data Marketing articles to start 2018 on the right foot

2017 saw a few recurrent themes popping up everywhere in the BrandtechBrandtechBrandtech refers to the ways and means of combining marketing and branding strategies with the power of technology to help marketers build brands in a better, faster and cheaper way.Learn more world, such as brand safetybrand safetyThe concept of brand safety refers to the necessity of protecting an advertiser's brand image, by making sure that its ads are not displayed in an environment that could be detrimental to it or that is not aligned with its values (such as a pornographic website or a website inciting violence). This issue is all the more important since the buying and selling of advertising space has now become largely automated (programmatic buying).Learn more, transparency, GDPRGDPRThe GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the latest European regulation on personal data protection, which was enacted in 2016.Learn more, and artificial intelligenceartificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence (often shortened to AI) is a subdiscipline of cognitive science. It refers to the technologies and methodologies that aim at building computer programs mimicking human intelligence and cognitive functions, including both human reasoning and perceptions.Learn more. Check out our selection of articles to (re)read to jumpstart your 2018!

  1. How the CMO became a politician.
    by Shareen Pathak via Digiday, published on 10/03/17

  2. Brand Safety in 2017: where we’ve been, where we’re going.
    by Allison Schiff via Adexchanger, publié le 12/28/17

  3. The mysteries of advertising on Amazon, revealed.
    by Hugo Loriot (fifty-five), published on 12/15/17

  4. The New Chrome and Safari will reshape the web. 
    by Klint Finley via WIRED, published on 07/06/17

  5. What is GDPR? WIRED explains what you need to know. 
    by Matt Burgess via WIRED, published on 01/02/18

  6. Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce enter into their own Game of Martech Thrones against Google. 
    by Nicolas Jaimes via Le Journal du Net, published on 03/24/17

  7. Online publishers – the time for taking stock is over. Now must come the response. 
    by Mats Carduner (fifty-five) via Forbes, published on 10/26/17

  8. Is Artificial Intelligence Over-Hyped In 2017? 
    by Zeeshan Zia via Forbes, published on 09/27/17

  9. China’s tech giants are pouring billions into US start-ups. 
    by Rebecca Fannin via, published on 03/09/17

  10. Consulting firms muscle in on media planning in transparency fallout. 
    by Seb Joseph via Digiday, published on 08/14/17

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